Exploring Cultural Diversities of Mexico

Experiencing the variety of cultures in Mexico is a treat especially to a tourist. There are car rentals around Mexico supporting the different spots in the country giving a great number of entry points to start. You could enter the different parts of Mexico in and simply rent a car. These car rentals are not necessarily returned where you first started. You could in fact return it on a different place as long as there’s a company’s branch in that area.

From car rentals, there are things that you need to remember if you are travelling Mexico for a cultural experience. With over 62 different languages, Mexico is a melting pot of different cultures packed in one place. If you want placed other than the typical Cancun party living, then you should try exploring these places.

North Mexico is rich in cultural diversity. Using car rentals as your mode of transportation, you could enjoy Sonora for its Ancient mines. These copper mine sites are the ones that cradled the 1910 Mexican Revolution, a turning point in Mexico’s long and rich history.

From the North, you could head to the Northwest and enjoy travel experience with the different ethnic groups. The nomadic fishermen of Guaymas and Desemboque, you are going to enjoy learning form their ways of living. You could also enjoy seeing the wooden sculptures that represented their very own belief in deities living in waters.

From the North, going west you will see a lot of Creole and Mestizo population, something that is evident in this area even during the Spanish occupation. In the west, you get to enjoy the best tequila. If you are curious how this is made, you could observe how the areas of Nayarit, Jalisco and Colima produce the popular drink.

In the highlands, you could see the combination of different beliefs in Michoacan. From the colorful Purepecha to the Morelos and the Guereros, you get to see the mix of cultures that truly diversified Mexico. These cultures have “the Chinelos” or the dance ritual that would be performed during the holy week.

If you are looking to find the remains of the Chichimec, Otomi and Nahuas of Meztitilian cultures, you could head to Eastern central Mexico to see the diversity of people and their cultures. The different cities surrounding the Eastern central Mexico are the pride of the country during the Hispanic era.

Traveling Mexico is a cultural experience. From the US cheap flights to Mexico are available all year round. If you are tired of the usual party atmosphere that you get to experience, car rentals and backpacking are among the most common things that you could do in the country. In fact, what is the point of traveling to Mexico if you are simply going to enjoy the night life? There is already an abundance of nightlife in different countries. But what makes Mexico so unique is the fact that they are composed of different cultures yet they stand as one Mexico.