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IZEE “Growing Up In A Logging Camp”: Introduction


Rusty Miles never had a real identity. I was that “Little Miles” kid, youngest of “The three Rs,” Rita, Robert, and Russell. My parents were somewhat older than those of most of my friend’s.

When we moved to Izee, I wondered why Dad wouldn’t play baseball, like the other men in the logging camp. While other dads got together at the ball field, drank beer, played, and had lots of fun, my father would go off fishing, by himself.

Oh, I could go along with him, if I wanted too. But, Dad didn’t believe in talking much because it “Scares away the trout.” Anyway, it was more exciting to watch the younger men play baseball, after they got off work, and get into fights. Someone would cuss about being called: “Out!” The next thing you know, there would be fists flying everywhere.

Sometimes, their wives would get into it, too. Women are dirty fighters. They scratch, and pull hair. Maybe, even kick you someplace. That’s why Mom said we didn’t want to go. She went only one time. Just when the fighting and cussing got real good, Mom said: “Rusty, I’m glad your father isn’t here to see this. We’re going home! These people are just, plain, stupid. They drink up every dime they earn, and they don’t even have a pot to piss in!”

My Mom was right. While we Miles had indoor plumbing, most of our neighbors still used outhouses. “We are not going to learn to talk like this, Rusty. These people should wash their mouths out with soap, but they probably don’t even have any. If they do, they sure never use it!”

There was never conflict in our house. We had better sense than to fight among ourselves. We were a family. Mom saw to it.

“People in families stick up for one another. They defend each other and do what’s right.” As Mother often said, “Anyone, with a lick of good sense, should know that.”

A spectator but once, Mom didn’t like me to go to watch the baseball because of all of the fighting. I’d tell her, “It doesn’t happen much, anymore. All of my friends get to go!” Mother would sigh, sit down with Agatha Christi, tell me to “Be back before dark, and you walk home!” I was not to ride in a car with people who had been drinking, even if the driver’s own children did. It was a long walk home, from the ball field to the cookhouse, where we lived.

IZEE by Russ Miles © 2004

Ski and Snowboard Camps – How to Choose an Alpine Clinic

Ski Resorts offer specialized camps and clinics for skiers, snowboarders and tele-skiers. These camps provide instruction to improve technique and progress in a fun and sociable environment. Depending on the clinic, skiing levels range anywhere from advanced beginner to expert. Challenges range from feeling comfortable and confident on the blues to skiing moguls and steeps to carving and racing. This guide will provide reasons why to take an alpine camp and how to choose the best clinic for you.

Why participate in a skiing or snowboarding camp?

  • Learn new skills and improve techniques. You will find it rewarding and enjoyable to break past a plateau and improve performance. Even world-class skiers strive to improve technique.
  • Receive instruction and feedback. You will receive you own individual pointers to kick bad habits and reach new milestones while skiing with a group of peers with similar goals.
  • Challenge yourself skiing with other participants. You can support and encourage each other to experiment with different styles and techniques and ski more demanding terrain.
  • Increase your confidence. Skiing multi-days while receiving inspiration and instruction from your class is a winning formula for improving your ability and increasing your confidence.

How to choose the best camp for you?

  • Think about your goals and desires. You will have a vast selection of camps to choose from. Clinics are held at local ski resorts or destination ski resorts everywhere.
  • Decide where you want to ski or board. Are you planning a vacation? Is there a mountain with terrain you would love to explore with a group of skiers? When taking a clinic, you can enjoy a ski vacation while exploring alpine terrain and mastering skiing or boarding skills.
  • Determine what extras are important to you when choosing a camp. Each camp offers a unique itinerary to compliment on the snow time. Some camps provide video analysis, gear fitting, and tech talks. Other camps focus mainly on hard-core no-nonsense skiing.

Sign up for an alpine camp today! You will be rewarded with achieving new levels of expertise in a fun group setting. Along with the camaraderie of skiing with others, sharing meals and activities with your group can lead to life long friendships. Do not be surprised to end each day on the mountain at Apres events where the beer flows and the skiing stories grow!