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Discount Travel Tips For Families

Discount travel is probably the low-budget travelers’ best friend when it is important to get the most out of your trips and tours for less than it would have usually cost. However, there are certain things to do or unusual ideas take into consideration if you really want to save money without sacrificing having a memorable time out there.

1. Cheap Lodging: While it may be alluring to book into and stay at a five-star hotel during your trips, it may not be the best thing to do-at least financially. You can still have decent lodging without punching a hole through your pockets. You can just do some pre-departure research into the hotels in the destination city. Then, look for low-cost ones with decent facilities, good customer reviews and easy access to local transportation. You can also use budget motels if you want to.

2. Home Exchanges: Another discount travel trick is to arrange for home exchanges, instead of even paying for lodging. Usually, you will be staying at the home of another family during your visit to that city. By going this route, you are actually saving money both for lodging and, most times too, for food. You can just search online for the destination country’s or city’s tourism council; they usually have information on home exchanges.

3. Discount Travel Clubs: Joining a discount travel club is also a great way of saving money during your journey. You can find them advertised or listed in travel magazines, newspapers or online by doing a simple search for them.

4. Rent Older Cars: Old does not always equal bad. This is especially true when you are far away from home. You would be better off renting vehicles that are just a little older and more affordable and stay within budget than cruising with the latest muscle car, unless you just want to impress the natives at you bank balance’s expense. It is easy to get a decent car without burning your pockets.

5. Shop for the Best: Another way to have a good time-for less money-during your tours is to do a little homework of your own. You can simply go online and compare and contrast the different travel packages, air fares, and others that different companies may be offering and select the best one for you. You can also find them in your local magazines and newspapers or even your favorite travel magazine (and its online version). You would be surprised how easy it may be to get a good travel deal.

Discount travel has always been a reality with many people. You can be one of them if you take these tips a little seriously.

Why You Need Travel Insurance and Should Never Travel Without It

Are you looking to save money on your travel costs?

Have you thought about cutting down, or even cutting out your travel insurance? Are you looking for cheap travel insurance? Before you do anything else, do yourself a favour and read this.

Why you need travel insurance.

When planning a vacation or business trip, travel insurance is often one of the last things you think about, if at all, yet it’s one of the most important things to ensure your trip is stress free.

You carefully plan your holiday making sure you get exactly what you want and the best deal, but what if things go wrong? This is why you need travel insurance. You never know what might happen. At home you have a pretty good idea how things work, what risks you can take and where to get help when you need it. But when you travel, it’s quite different. Especially if you’re traveling abroad but even when traveling in your own country. You don’t know what kind of unexpected setbacks could affect you and your family while you’re away.

Here’s what to protect yourself against if you’re to have a safe, enjoyable and stress free trip.

1. Things do go missing, get lost or stolen

2. You can have an accident or become ill and need medical attention.

3. Your travel arrangements can get cancelled or changed by your tour company

4. Bad weather can affect your plans. Recent events across the world, floods, storms, cyclones, earthquakes etc have affected thousands of people’s plans resulting in additional travel costs, extra accommodation etc.

5. Travel companies do go out of business

6. You may incur legal expenses

7. Things can go wrong back home and you may need to return

8. Medical attention, dental treatment etc can cost a lot more abroad than they do at home, especially in the United States.

9. You may need foreign help, with language or legal situations.

10. You may need to change your plans for many different reasons.

11. The world is unstable with terrorist threats and actions, and countries and regions do become unsafe.

12. Hired equipment such as skis, snowboards, surfboards etc do get broken.

13. Luggage does get damaged or get lost on flights

14. Family illness etc can prevent you going on holiday.

15. If you run your own business and can’t return, who will run it for you?

16. And finally, the thing no-one likes to talk about, what happens if you or member of your family is injured or even dies?.

Your travel insurance will give you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you have the protection and help you need.

Cliff Chapman